East Anglia Club report 2009


by Phillida Hurn

Following my involvement with World Congress last year, I had expected a slightly quieter, less demanding year ahead, only to find at meetings and at shows I was encouraged and supported to take up the role of being a Council member! Well here I am now, as I write this report, a Council Member for the next three years!!

At this point I would like to say I will do my very best for the Society members and the Simmental Breed. I will always be here for any members who have queries or points of view to take to Council meetings.

Well now on to our Club members and activities of this year, we have had great highs and lows. Alan Abram had a very nasty accident with a Simmental cow in May and unfortunately broke his back; the good news is that as I write this he has been home for four weeks. Then four days before the Norfolk Show, Paul Gunther phones me and say he is unable to do the food for the exhibitors, Oh dear!! Well in the next breath he tells me he is in hospital and not allowed home until he has had an operation on his heart at Papworth on Monday of the show week!! Thankfully all is well and Paul and Alan are coming to the Club Meeting and Dinner in November!!

Thanks to Hayley and Andrew Clarke we did have a very good BBQ in the evening of the first day of the Norfolk Show, it was a great success with about 30-40 exhibitors attending, thanks goes to all involved!

Some members managed to have a meal in Wroxham and then on to the Boat Trip on the broads again in July! We had a lovely evening dancing on deck to the music and drinking cool beer, as we sailed onto the broads.

I would like to mention what an asset Tom Hume; as a member, has been to our Club for the last two years, giving us all very useful advice on many veterinary topics, and on the importance or calving and conditions of animals, also over the advice on Blue tongue vac. etc. I would like to welcome him as a new Simmental member and Breeder, as he now owns his first Simmental Cow and Heifer Calf!

Well I think the cattle should be mentioned! Our members have some great Simmentals; we have three Kilbride Farm young bulls travelled to Norfolk farms from Northern Ireland this year! And I believe some very good Hockenhull cattle came home too from the dispersal sale in October! So watch out next year in the show ring!!

William Abram with his heifer Wagtail winning at the Aylsham Show

I would like to congratulate our Club members for their tremendous success at the shows this year, especially at the Royal Norfolk Show, where there were some of the best cattle in the country, and we gave them a run for their money!! Also to congratulate William Abram (age12) for all his success with his heifer at the local shows this summer and my Granddaughter Camilla Morgan- Evans (age 7) for entering her first ever young handlers’ class and winning! I have to say it was such a relief not to have restriction for blue tongue or foot and mouth or such like!!

Some of our members are off again to the Christmas Concert at Thursford in December, which I am sure they will all enjoy.

Tony and I have just come back from a lovely holiday New Zealand, Having visited their Simmental President Helen and John Ellis’s herd of Simmentals, I can recommend anyone thinking of going to the World Congress in Australia, to go onto the post tour in New Zealand, it is the most beautiful country, well worth at visit, but please take lots of warm and waterproof clothes!!

Thanks again to our Chairman Ian and the Club members for their support this year and to my long suffering husband Tony!