East Anglia Club report 2006


by Phillida Hurn

This year our Club started with a very good meal at our local pub The Marsham Arms, followed by our AGM. Our Chairman Paul Clements offered to stand as our Chairman for one more year, with Ian Turvey as Vice-Chairman, it seems that nobody wanted to take on my job of Secretary or Treasurer so I remained in office!! We are a very small Club of only 15 members! But everyone is keen to keep it going.

The next big occasion was to be Paul Clements sale of his Pedigree Simmentals in March. We had two more Dinners at the pub in March and May with a small meeting afterwards to discuss what would happen at the shows, food, etc. Also to discuss trips!

Well we had two! They were a Boogie night on the Norfolk Broads and a trip to see Penny Lally in Cornwall! I am about to tell you what a great time was had by all!!

Firstly, I would like to congratulate some of our members; being John Carter, Paul Gunther, John Key, and Eddie Morgan-Evans for winning Supreme Championships at County and local Shows this year. Another thank-you to Paul Clements and his family for all the help in providing the delicious food at the Suffolk Show, also to Hilly Morgan-Evans for providing equally good food at the Norfolk Show.

We had 27 members and their friends join us on the Boat trip in July, what a night to remember! We all met for a meal in The Country Carvery on the riverside in Wroxham, across from where we boarded the large double decker passenger boat. We climbed on board at 7.45pm to set sail down the river onto the Broads. The evening was warm and sunny, so with a drink in their hands everyone was either singing or dancing to the sixties & seventies music with holidaymakers joining in on the banks of the river!

Then come the middle of October after most of the harvest is done, 9 of the members set off to see how the other half live (as Penny Lally quoted!) in Cornwall!! So different coming from East Anglia where it is common to find fields of 90 acres plus! Their 90 acres would be about 10 – 15 fields surrounded by stonewall banks!! Probably belonging to two or three farmers!

Well we flew down from Stansted airport to Newquay. We all shared transport to save leaving too many cars in the car park, having a group booking we all met up at the check in, in good time, things were going very well, we all had the correct weight for the bags, etc., until Norman and Margaret Smith checked in! No passports!! (“Didn’t think we needed them as not leaving the UK” says Margaret!) Needed for identification!! So they wouldn’t let them fly! Poor Margaret and Norman had no option but to get on an overnight bus to Newquay! Arriving at 7am Newquay, but where? Airport, no bus station! Penny went to the airport! Lots of delay and phone calls and Penny eventually found them, to bring them to Penny’s B&B for a warm well needed breakfast!

Well we were all together again! Janet and Brian Filby and Tony and myself with the Smiths were staying at Penny’s B&B, Denis Mitchell and Valerie and Paul Clements were staying at Viv Halls B&B, we were all very comfortable and well looked after! Very much recommended!

Our first morning we visited Viv and Geoff Halls pedigree and x-bred cattle, having met up with the Clements’ and Denis over a nice cup of coffee and very good cakes! Not much room to eat them after such a good breakfast!! Then we set off to “The Theatre under the Stars” at Minack, and visited the Visitor centre to hear the remarkable story of a wonderful Lady, Rowena Cade who built it, we all enjoyed the beautiful views and weather over Porthcurno Bay to the Logan Rock, also had a very tasty snack in the restaurant.


Over the weekend we met up with many of the Cornish group in the evenings for a meal, it was great fun they had many a tale to tell! They do have a lot of cattle in Cornwall, we saw as we were travelling round there are still many dairy herds, a lot were Jersey and Guernsey, I think they must have survived so well in this present dairy farming decline, due to the high demand for “cream teas” Oh boy! We had so many jam scones with huge amounts of thick cream!!

We visited Barry Wynter and his Uncle Edward White’s herd of very good Simmental cattle, plus nearly a herd of cats!! One in particular spent most of the time in Barry’s arms!!

We also visited two different breeds one of Geoff and Pat Thomas’s great herd of Red Devon’s and Irwin and Dilys Rowe’s large herd of good big Angus, they all looked after us very well with beautiful cream scones and Cornish pasties.

We were meant to have visited the Tin Mine at Geevor on the Saturday, but it was closed! So Penny changed things round and we managed to go on Sunday, which was very interesting, the underground tour was very claustrophobic!


Two more very important farms we visited, with great big fleshy Simmentals was our host Penny Lally and also Jim Buckland, who I believe helps Penny with her cattle and will stand in when she is away on Council duties!! It was very interesting looking round Penny’s Pet Crematorium, some members found it a little upsetting to see the pets waiting to go into the burners! There is a human burial ground too, what a beautiful place to lay in peace.

On the Monday off North to the Eden Project with Viv Hall and Jim Buckland as our escorts! We all found this to be fascinating; as we entered the tropical dome we had the only rain of the weekend, and what a storm, thunder and lightning just like the tropics, it was almost as if it had been ordered!

Then as our flight wasn’t until the evening, Steve and Gill Gummow showed us round their Simmental herd. We were then asked to make ourselves at home, and were given the loveliest Cornish pasties and more jam scones and cream!!

We had a good flight home with the Smiths this time! As their passports had arrived by special delivery on Saturday!! I believe we all had a good journey home, although it was 2am when Tony and I climbed into bed!

We had one more very good Dinner plus a meeting at The Marsham Arms on the 8th November which was attended by 11 members, such a good evening was had, we closed the meeting at 11.15pm!!

I would like to thank all the members for their support this year, also the members backing me for the position of Vice-Chairman of the 2008 World Congress committee! I will do my best!