Cornwall Club report 2007


by Penny Lally 2007 has been a peculiar year both for all farmers and personally, with extreme weather conditions, Foot and Mouth and for me the loss of my husband, it is a year I shall not be sorry to see the back of.

Our AGM was held in November at the “Inn for all Seasons”. After the usual business we had the prize giving for our Herd Competition. The Judge, Mr. Hugh Lello awarded the prizes and said a few words on how much he had enjoyed the experience and visiting all the different members.

In February, Viv and Geoff Hall hosted an Open Day at Chegwidden Farm where Roger Pascoe, helped by David Nicholas, gave a demo on preparing animals for Shows. This proved interesting and helpful to the newer members who are keen to start showing. After a walk around their cattle we were treated by Viv and Geoff to a ‘feast of food’! A good day was had by all.

In March we had another skittle match against the South Devon Club. This sadly was my husband’s last outing before he died in April. He always organised the teams enthusiastically and enjoyed the evening, it will never be the same again.

In May the Devon County Show numbers were swelled by Viv Hall with a team of six with which she had great success and my bull Radium was Breed Champion.

In June, the sun shone down with all its might in the first week, which happily coincided with the Royal Cornwall Show, many who were there thought they should have been making hay, and they were right as, after the show, the rains came and the summer went!!!

Scotland Revisited

We so enjoyed visiting Scotland last year That we thought we would go, as before So we planned our annual visit ‘abroad’ ’Til F & M wrecked things once more

A few days before we were due to depart Confusion set up in our group Flights, cars and hotels were already booked That money we could not recoup

Then, three of our host, felt with regret, That a visit to them might look bad And we all understood the decision they made Though the feeling amongst us was sad

For some this was to be a much needed break So they decided to go anyway Edinburgh sounds like an interesting place To be sure we’ll have fun on our stay

So, reduced in our numbers, we set off as planned From Bristol we ‘took off’ at dawn With the usual humour though a bit bleary eyed We chatted with many a yawn

Happily, Strathisla said we could still come But our footwear we must disinfect We were not to get off the farm trailer After this we should not pose a threat

On arrival, Adrian Ivory gave us a talk On the way that their farming was run Explaining the importance of figures and facts That he was not just farming for fun!

We enjoyed a most interesting visit, all day, And were treated to barbecued steaks Also shown their great ‘handling system’ Telling just how much difference it makes

As we trailored around, some great cattle we saw Simmentals, Charolais too And we looked with such envy at acres of straw Enjoying the incredible view

Next day, we toured the Royal Yacht Britannia A nostalgic look into the past Where there was such an attention to detail and the craftsmen, then, made things to last

We learned quite a lot about Edinburgh Then moved on the next day to Falkirk Where we all had a trip on the ‘Wheel’ Quite astonished to see how it worked

Our Scottish trip ended in Stirling Great castle, most wonderful views Then off we flew home, all quite refreshed Though we visited very few ‘cooows’.

Penny Lally Sept. 2007

Record numbers of people flocked to the Show and we had a very good show of Simmentals, which was a relief as numbers had been getting low. Ivy Hair returned to the show circuit after a break and enjoyed success. He had persuaded the Hawkeys that showing was fun and this proved the case as they also had a successful show.

Jimmy Macmillan learned some Cornish and led one or two astray! but was a welcome visitor representing the Sterling herd and taking top honours judged by Ron Hodgkinson.

Gethin Lloyd and family thought that the Royal Cornwall was worth a second visit and I think they, and all the competitors enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the Show.

Our stand again, was manned by Heather who, this year, even managed to cook a few breakfasts for the competitors (sponsored by Roger Pascoe & David Nicholas – the dynamic duo!). This was a great success even though facilities for cooking were a bit basic and rather ‘Heath Robinson’. However, I think it was much appreciated by those who ate it.

Again many thanks to Charlie Harris for looking after and delivering all our bits and pieces to the stand and also a huge thank you to Anthony Hart who was such a help to me and always there to lend a hand with anything that was required. Let’s hope he will have his own cattle there showing in 2008 along with some other keen newcomers.

Herd Competition Results
Best Small herd: 1st Penny Lally 2nd John & Bridget Olds 3rd Anthony Hart

Best large herd: 1st Viv & Geoff Hall, 2nd Kevin Thomas 3rd Steve & Gill Gummow

Best Cow: 1st Penny Lally 2nd Viv Hall 3rd equal David Allen & John & Bridget Olds

Best bull calf: 1st James Berry 2nd Barry Wynter 3rd. Penny Lally

Best Young Stock: 1st James Berry 2nd Kevin Thomas 3rd Viv Hall.

Best Commercial cattle: 1st Steve & Gill Gummow 2nd David Allen 3rd Viv Hall

In September we were due to have a farm walk at the Hawkeys of St. Wenn which had already been postponed because of Foot and Mouth, both this and our Herd Competition have been affected by the restrictions so we just have to wait for ‘things’ to get back to normal.

As last year we organised a trip to Scotland. We were to visit Strathisla, Woodhall, Innerwick and Mendick herds. We were all booked up with flights etc when the 2nd restrictions took affect, most of us decided to go anyway.

In conclusion, I would like to sincerely thank all my many Simmental friends for their kindness, sympathy and support which has been a great comfort in this difficult year.