South West Club report 2010

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By Len Curry

January 2010 our Ladies came a very creditable second in the interbreed quiz.

At our A G M held in March, Laura Darch and Rupert Rideout were voted onto the committee replacing Andy Grossey and Dennis Miles. I would like to thank them both for all the work they have put into running the club. 30 members sat down to dinner, my guest speaker was Colin Hutchings that well known breeder of various other breeds???. He gave us some very amusing tales about members of the club my-self included. Thank you, Colin.

The Bristol Sales Centre Show and Sales organised by the South West Club together with the Centre West Club in April, with vendors from seventeen Counties proving once again the continued success of the sale. The pre-sale show judged by Mr John Moores of Northern Ireland awarded the Male Championship to Penwern Wilson exhibited by Mr R Jenkins of Newcastle Emlyn, the bull later sold for 3000gns. The Female Championship went to Boddington Estates with Sterling Julia’s Waneta, a maiden heifer selling at 2700gns.

Averages. A tremendous run of 25 Bulls sold to an average of 2461.14gns. Again a splendid show of Females with seventeen maiden heifers selling to an average of 1744.85gns. Five in calf heifers averaged 1940gns. 4 Cows and Calves averaged out at 1890gns. With a very good draft sale from the Crackley Herd. Also another sale of some excellent Cows and Calves from the Loxton Herd.

My thanks to Richard Turner (Staggs) and Clive Roads (McCartneys) our joint Auctioneers.

September 12th Mr and Mrs Gavin Doyle together with his Mother invited the club to visit their farm, what a delight to see their cows with well grown calves at foot they are a credit to you Gavin and thank you all for providing us with an excellent tea party.

The herd completion took place at the end of September, and was Judged by Mr Jimmy McMillan with the help of his wife Kathleen, their journey covered some 500 miles. Our thanks and appreciation to them both. I would like record the Judges comments :- I would like to say thank you for the opportunity of Judging these herds, they were all impressive and I look forward to seeing many of them on the show circuit in the future. I was especially impressed with the quality of the Females coming through, from in calf heifers down to heifer calves at foot. A great credit to you all as a club in the Simmental Breed.

I think it’s very important to recognise the young talent coming through in the young stock persons, They are a great credit to your club, and deserve acknowledgement and encouragement to progress in the future, not only for their own personal gain but for the future of the club.

The results are as follows:- Best large herd overall champion John Gommow Killiworgie Herd. 2nd James Berry Cathedral Herd. 3rd David Bush Champman Herd Best small herd Jack Ellicot Road Hill Herd. 2nd Barry Wynter Barness Herd. 3rd L J and A J Curry Winford Herd Best young Bull Calf James Kimber Beanhill Herd. Best young Heifer Calf Barry Wynter Barness Herd. Best Cow and Calf Somerset and Devon. Sandra Francis Best Cow and Calf remainder of club Barry Wynter Barness Herd. Best Novice David Bush Chapman Herd. Flexi Trophy Laura Darch Chard Herd.

The October Show and Sale Judged by Andrew Palk, once again took place at the Bristol Sales Centre and our thanks to Keith Sherrell for providing us with an excellent venue. A selective sale of Bulls saw atop price of 2500gns for Chapman Apollo from David Bush from Cirencester. The Male Champion Sway Angus from Steve and Lorrayne Blomfield made 2300gns. As usual a very fast trade for Females with the highest bid of 2550gns for reserve champion Cathedral Shannon with her two Bull Calves at foot. The Female Champion a maiden heifer Boars Head Miranda sold for 2350gns. A draft sale from the Deerhurst Herd realised 2300gns (Twice) for Cows and Calves. The Atlow reduction sale saw Cows with Calves at foot sale for 2500gns and 1650gns. The Burytown production sale saw Maiden Heifers selling very well to an average of 1714.50gns.

Averages across the sale as follows:- Cows and Calves 2152. 50. In calf Heifers 2170gns. Maiden Heifers 1333.50. Deerhurst Cows and Calves 2060gns. Atlow Cows and Calves 2559.38 gns. Atlow Maiden Heifers 1734.50gns. Burytown Maiden Heifers 1714.50gns.

There has been a lot of confusion about the CHeC Health Scheme. To this end the S.W.Club organised a meeting with Ian Prichard from S A C coming down from Scotland to the West Country to enlighten Members as to what is required and why. As this affected all Breeds we invited other Breeds to take part. There were seven Breeds represented in all. Ian Prichard gave us a lot of information and left us with plenty to think about. Thank you Ian.

South West Club report 2009

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By Len Curry

In January our ladies, organised by Marjorie Ellicot together with Kath Edwards, Sandra Francis, and Margaret Thompson won the annual quiz beating 5 other breeds. Well done Ladies we are proud of you all.

At our A.G.M our Secretary Pauline Barker announced she would be retiring as Secretary, Pauline has been doing the job for twenty-one years, she has in that time been a prop to many Club Chairmen myself included with her contributions in running the Club. Pauline, I speak on behalf of all previous Club Chairmen and Club Members in wishing you good health and good fortune in whatever you decide to do in the future.

Sally March kindly agreed to accept the Secretaries post and we all wish her well. Jack Ellicot was re-elected Vice Chairman, David Edwards was re-elected Treasurer, and myself as Chairman. Philip Webber and Andy Grossey were elected to join the committee, all other committee members re-elected en-bloc. Mr Ed Simmons, mine and others local Vet was our guest speaker, giving us much to think about at the dinner following the A G M. After dinner Clare Rowbotham who had travelled down to the West Country to be with us, presented Pauline with a bouquet of flowers. The Club presented Pauline with a cheque in appreciation for all the work Pauline has devoted to this Club.

A herd visit with Centre West Club to Burytown herd thanks to Dave & Nikky Field

The South West Club, supported by the Centre West Club, Show and Sale at Bristol Sales Centre on Saturday 9th May, saw some excellent cattle through the sale ring with average prices almost going through the roof, a packed ringside saw 17 Bulls sold for an average of 3116gns showing a massive increase of 764gns. In addition Martin Boucher, Loxton Herd from Somerset had a very good reduction sale, with a small dispersal from Mr J N Hoskins, Sabre Herd from Gloucestershire. Interest in Females proved no let up in demand with many new buyers present, the Female average not including the dispersals rose to a staggering 1615gns for the 42 sold an increase of some 336gns compare this to last year’s sale when 18 Females sold for an average of 1279.25gns. My thanks to Richard Turner (Staggs) and Clive Roads (McCartney’s) our joint Auctioneers, and to our Chairman of Shows and Sales South West, Roy Loud.

With the show season rapidly approaching breeders are busy with the preparation of their cattle for the weeks ahead. Congratulations must go to Boddington Estates for their fantastic show of cattle winning everything in front of them well done to Jimmy McMillan. Congratulations also to David Barker in winning coveted Cow Bell at the Royal Bath and West Show. I absolutely refuse to mention the weather.

October 4th, David and Nikky Fields invited the Club to visit their Burytown Herd being a young herd set up in 2007 they really did surprise us with high standards they have set themselves, well done to you both and a big thank you for the excellent lunch.

Best large herd 1st and Champion Herd Boddington Estate. 2nd Gavin and Gemma Doyle, Joint 3rd David and Nikky Fields with Roy Loud.Best small herd 1st Sandra Francis 2nd Jeff and Viv Hall Joint 3rd John and Bridget Old with James and Belinda Kimber.

Best Cow and Calf (Devon and Somerset) Len and Adrian Curry

Best Cow and Calf (outside Devon and Somerset) Jeff and Viv Hall

Best Young Stock Boddington Estate

Best Heifer Calf Gavin and Gemma Doyle

Best Bull Calf James and Belinda Kimber

Best Novice Micky and Marigold Christian

Flexi Trophy Philip Webber

October seems to becoming a very busy month for the South West Club, on Thursday the 15th we were again at the Bristol Sales Centre together with the Centre West Club for the Autumn Show and Sale once again we were not disappointed with excellent cattle on show, selling 18 Bulls out of 21 forward. Henry Widdicombe with his Bull Starline Westminster taking the Champion rosette and sash, the South East Club also presented the Champion with a sash, he later sold for 2000gns, his other Bull Starline Marquiss topping the sale at 3300gns. Breeders looking for Top Quality Females were not disappointed, with an in-calf heifer Greenfields Vesta, from Giles Green selling for 2550gns. With two other entries selling for 2300gns from D & N Fields, and J & B Kimber. Oakhill Heidi 2nd from Mrs S Wakefield, Oakhill Herd dispersal sale opened the Female Section selling for 2900gns. Our thanks to all the breeders and buyers in making the Bristol Sales so successful.

There’s still more to come, Sunday October 25th , saw some seventy enthusiasts arriving at Boddington Estate for a day of cattle judging, foot trimming and preparing cattle for showing. What an absolute fantastic day we all had. David Bell kindly agreed to be our Master Judge, I saw him later tucked away in a corner trying to decipher some of the cards in front of him. David you did a grand job. A big thank you to Richard Davies for showing us what’s involved in foot trimming making it look easier than it really is. What can I say about Jimmy McMillan, he along with other members of Boddington staff work extremely hard in bringing all the events together, which worked like clockwork, Jimmy I owe you one mate. After all the walking and head scratching we adjourned for lunch and what a feast it was with meats, salads and all the trimmings cheese and biscuits apple pie and cream all served on china plates and dishes with proper cutlery as well. For all this we have to thank Sally March, Kath Edwards and all the lovely Ladies of the Club for all their contributions. Thanks also to Rob and Pam Hewlett and Kathy McMillan from Boddington Estate for the tea coffee and biscuits on arrival and at lunch time and the cream tea as well all you Ladies did us proud. We hope the outcome of this will result in new members joining the club.

Our herd competition Judged by Peter Burgess assisted by his wife Sarah, rumour has it Sarah did most of the driving visiting some fifteen farms from Cheltenham down to the end of Cornwall.

Last but not least we come to the results of the cattle judging, David Bell our Master Judge presented prizes to the best entries, over eighteens were Dan Coalman, Des March, Steve Blomfield, Emma Blomfield, under eighteen Hannah Fields. After the presentation David went back to the cattle lines to explain his reasons for his placings, this was appreciated by the members, once again many thanks David.

In closing, thanks to Penny Lally and the Cornwall Club for inviting members to join their visit to Northern Ireland, I must say I met some fantastic people and I know I made some lasting friendships. This I think is why belonging to the Simmental Society is so special.

South West report 2008

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by Pauline Barker

Another yo-yo year for the South West Club and many others, I’m sure. Last year, Foot and Mouth and the weather. This year, Blue Tongue and again the weather, (at least a topic of conversation!) We did manage to get some sunny days in September and October, when many relieved farmers managed to salvage some of their harvest. Enough gloom and doom.

The Bristol Sale in May was a success though a little disappointing, only 4 Bulls sold. Male Champion was Mr. & Mrs Leedham’s Grangewood Trademark selling for 3300gns. Reserve Champion was Wishful Vegas from Mr. & Mrs. D. Mills at 2800gns. Female Champion was Heywood Viola 4th from D. Barker selling for 2000gns also the same price was realised for Mr. & Mrs. J. Kimbers’, Oakhill Nelly 14th.

Russell Jones of Schering Plough, speaking about cattle health and related issues, to a well attended meeting with audience participation, and they kindly sponsored a buffet supper for everyone.

The Club’s team gained a second place in the interbreed Quiz, narrowly pipped by the South Devons.

Those members who joined the Congress at different events were pleased with its success, also those who went on the trip to Ireland had a great weekend, seeing good cattle and great hospitality and entertainment.

We had a herd visit to Peter and Sarah Burgess’ Tilbrook herd, firstly we visited a great commercial herd of Mr. Bill Adams, the cattle were a credit to him and Ed Dudley. Some 200 breeding Simmental and Simmental X cows with Simmental and Angus calves at foot. It was a very uniformed herd with good progeny at foot, and then on to Peter Burgess, the shower of rain didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits seeing a very good herd of cattle, with promising young stock following on. Many thanks to everyone especially for the great lunch that family and friends provided.

Beef and Growing Cattle, South West at Hatherleigh in September caused interest at our stand. I don’t think as many came through the gates as in 2006, as it was a dry, sunny day, and many were harvesting. Many thanks to David Edwards for providing cattle for the stand, Jack Ellicott and Laura Darch for the stand display and everyone else whom helped on the stand etc.

Also thanks to Jack and Laura and their helpers for the hard work put into the Devon County Show stand.

Our herd competition was judged by Joe Ede 15 herds entered and the results were:- Overall and Small Section Mrs. V. Hall (Chegwidden Herd) Reserve Small Section Mr. & Mrs. J. Kimber (Beanhill Herd) Large Section G. Doyle (Foreland Herd) Reserve Large Boddington Estates (Sterling Herd) Young Stock G. Doyle Best Bull Calf Mr. & Mrs. J. Kimbers’ “Beanhill Wilhelm” Flexie Trophy Mrs. P. Lally (Chyanhal Herd)

Over 30 members and friends had a visit to Jeff and Viv’s Chegwidden herd right at the tip of Cornwall, after travelling through rain and fog, the afternoon was sunny and warm, as was the outstanding hospitality and seeing a great herd of cattle, thank-you very much.

South West Club visit to Viv and Jeff Hall’s Chegwidden Herd

A sale of Multi-breed sale of Simmentals and Angus was held at Bristol Sale Centre in October which proved a success despite the financial climate. There was a demand for good cattle with Messrs Curry’s bull, Winford Valiant weighing 1012kgs top priced at 3000gns, closely followed by T Ford’s, Shebdon Valiant at 2900gns. P. Burgess’, Tilbrook Vanilla topped the females at 2100 gns

South West Club report 2007

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by Pauline Barker

When we were enjoying that wonderful weather back in April, the old saying, “Oak before Ash expect a splash, Ash before Oak expect a soak; well in most of the South West the “Ash was out well before the Oak, and from what we have seen this summer, the rest of the Country as well, and if anyone didn’t believe in old country folklore before, I’m sure they will now, because have we had a SOAK!

The effects from that atrocious weather had disastrous effects for hay and silage making and at one stage cereal crops, as well as many one day shows being cancelled.

Luckily August improved for the hay, silage and cereal harvest, then the next bomb-shell, Foot and Mouth struck, so that put the show season to an end for livestock. Not only is it devastating from the show finances, also for the exhibitors, as we miss catching up with friends, and the competitive side, and our shop window to promote our stock.

Our herd visit to Peter Burgess, Tillbrook herd in August was another event to fall by the way-side, disappointment yet again.

Enough gloom and doom. Members (though thin on the ground) enjoyed an arousing talk of his life and work, by a local vet. Marjorie Ellicott organised a quiz for members, 3 teams took part, a lot of fun, ignorance and frustration was enjoyed by all.

At the A.G.M. in March, A. Grossey wished to stand down from the Committee, Len Curvey accepted the vacancy. Mr. Derek Mead was the speaker at the dinner following the A.G.M.

The Bristol Sale proved a success, as Richard Pringle was moving on from Stags, the Club presented him with a Simmental figure in appreciation of his work at our sales. Champion Male was Sterling Samson from Boddington Estates, sold for 2,000 gns. Reserve Champion and top price Bull was Tilbrook Turpin from P. Burgess and sold for 3,100 gns. Cliftonswood Beauty 4th from H. Brown was Female Champion and sold for 3,100 gns. Wishful Sunbeam from D. & C. Mills was Reserve Female and sold for 2,500 gns.

Mr. & Mrs. A. Grossey’s Shellthorn herd was dispersed. The cattle were a credit to them, for their presentation and condition and it reaped its reward with Shellthorn Hannadante 6th selling for 8,000 gns to L. & A. Currie, top price Bull was 3,500 gns. I am pleased to say Andy & Di’s boys are setting up their own herd; Lower Sea as their prefix, with 2 females not forward at the Sale.

Very few shows took place, as you can see in the Results section. Thanks to the team again for setting up, manning, and providing refreshments at the Devon County Show.

Grand parade Devon County show

Our herd competition took place, Gordon Tully was the Judge and the results were:- Overall & Large Section: Miss S. Francis (Dinton Herd) Runner up - Large Section: R. & V. Loud (Taurus Herd) Reserve Overall & Small Section J. Kimber (Beanhill Herd) Runner up – Small Section: B. Wynter (Bolankin Herd) Best Young Stock: Miss S. Francis Best 2007 Bull Calf B. Wynter Flexie Trophy J. May (Priorton Herd)

To round the year off we visited Miss Francis’s Dinton herd on Sunday 7th October.

South West Club report 2006

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by Pauline Barker Our year started with a members’ skittles match, a good social occasion when Philip Webber was the clear winner.

The Annual Interbreed Quiz was again successful with our panel of ladies coming a valiant second.

The Bristol Sale was again a success. Mr. Keith Sherrill kindly donated a cup for the Champion Male, it was won by Tilbrook Rolo from P. Burgess selling for 2000gns, also selling for 2000gns was the Reserve Champion, Heywood Rooster-Booster from D. Barker. Top price was 2600gns for Alreb Stanley from Aled Evans. The South West Club gave a trophy for the Champion Female, won by Atlow Jennie from D. Donnelly selling for 1500gns. 1200gns was for the Reserve Female Champion, Grangewood Roxana from A. Leedham. The highest price female came from R & C Farmer’s, Highcroft dispersal at 5000gns – others from the same owners made 4200gns, 2 at 2500gns and 2000gns. K. Olver’s, Cargibbitt Trixie-Belle, a junior heifer realised 4000gns, a very successful sale for choice females.

Devon Show

Congratulations to David & Christina Mills with Wishful Lavender winning Interbreed & Championships at many of the one day Shows as seen in the show results. Well done to Jessica Curry winning Junior Handler at Gillingham & Shaftesbury and Dunster shows, also, Andrew Edmunds gaining 3rd at Gillingham & Shaftesbury. Thanks also to Jack Elliott and Laura Darch for the excellent display stand at Devon County and to Christina Mills and her helpers for the refreshments.

Dyfed herd visit

A very enjoyable visit to Meirion Jones and family’s, Dyfed herd in August, proved very entertaining. The cattle looked well in plenty of grass – which many of us visiting hadn’t seen for a while. We were treated to a superb carvery lunch in the local pub, (everyone would visit regularly if nearer home!) as when the sweet course arrived it nearly stumped a few with the helpings served to us!! Thanks to all the family for a super day.

The Beef Event at Hatherleigh was a success, on our stand L. Curry kindly loaned a bull and D Edwards Simmental x’s , interest was keen and the people on the stand were kept busy all day. The event attracted a great crowd and thanks to everyone who helped beforehand and on the day.

Our herd competition was judged by Mrs. Lynda Burditt.

The results are:- Overall & Large Section Boddington Estates (Sterling) Runner Up & Young Stock R & V Loud (Taurus) Small Section I & G Cubitt (Nynehead) Young Bull Calf B. Wynter (Bolankin) Flexie Trophy Mrs. M. Ellicott (Roadhill)

An open afternoon’s visit to Boddington on Sunday 5th November when 18 members and friends enjoyed seeing their cattle, followed by a welcomed tea. Thanks to Rob, Pam and helpers, and to Mrs. Burditt for giving up her time coming to the South West, she covered a great number of miles.

South West Club report 2005

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by Pauline Barker

At our Annual General Meeting, Andrew Grossey stood down as Chairman, due to other commitments, David Edwards was elected Chairman.

Our dinner was at Oake Manor Golf Club and was well attended, with the excellent carvery enjoyed by all as was our speaker Keith Donague who was interesting and amusing.

Once again the Society Sale at Bristol proved successful.  The judge, Frank Palk, a commercial breeder from Paignton, Devon, selected Regency Paprika from Les Owen of Bilston, West Midlands as Male Champion, he sold for 2000gns. The Reserve Male from Richard and Jenny Gubb was Horizon Ranger and sold for 2750gns, equal top price with Starline Premier from Henry Widdicombe.  23 bulls averaged £1697.50.

Female Champion and Reserve came from the Beeches herd, Beeches Rhea and Beeches Pomona selling for 1800gns and 1750gns respectively. Congratulations to Michael and Janet Jones and their band of helpers for the excellent turned out consignment they brought to Bristol, a credit to you all and proved hard work does pay.  Top Price was 2700gns for Heywood Empress 3rd from David Barker.  56 Females averaged £971.70.

I can assure you the 2006 Simmental Sale will be on Saturday 13th May at The Bristol Sales Centre with Richard Pringle of Stags and Clive Roads of McCartney’s as official auctioneers. This is one of the few successful sales in the UK at present, especially for females.

Entries at the one day shows were thin on the ground, except for Gillingham and Shaftsbury.  Congratulations to David and Christina Mills with their cow Wishful Lavender unbeaten and breed Champion, as well as doing well in the Interbreeds, also at Dunster show gaining 1st and 5th with their cows Wishful Lavender and Wishful Krumpet in a strong A.O.B section as well as winning the interbreed continental pairs.  Also flying the flag was Jack Ellicott with his junior bull Roadhill Razzmatazz who has supported all the shows, so the mileage Jack and his bull have clocked up must be incredible.  Other show results in journal result section.

Congratulations to Jessica Curry winning the young handlers and Naomi Taylor (David Gibbs Granddaughter) placed 4th with their Simmental calves in a strong class at Gillingham and Shaftsbury show, also to Jason Curry (Jessica’s brother) gaining 2nd with an *********** breed calf!  These are the stockpersons of the future and need encouraging.

It was pleasing for the South West Club to be represented at the Royal Show Junior Judging competition by Laura Darch and Sam Beach.

Twenty four members had a great day visiting Peter Hill’s, Scotland herd, it was a very hot day, but Peter’s cattle looked well, and Hooray-Henry looked exceedingly well and active for his age!  The hospitality was second to none, thank you Peter and all your helpers for making us so welcome and the visit enjoyable.

On a sad note the Club lost two stalwart members.  Sam Loughbridge M.R.C.V.S a great forceful character, very active in the club with his professionalism at Sales, he enjoyed his Bluebell herd and after his sale still kept in touch with Club events and members.  Past Chairman Alan Hedge, enjoyed showing his Longmead cattle until ill health made him sell up, but still remained an active member.  Condolences go to both families.

Our herd competition was judged by Paul Clements (Darsham herd) ably navigated by his wife Valerie.  The results are:- Overall and large Section went to Boddington Estates (Sterling herd) runners up were R & V Loud (Taurus herd), small and best bull calf went to P Lally (Chyanhal herd) runner up was V Hall (Chegwidden herd).  Young Stock was a J Berry (Cathedral herd).  The Flexie Trophy was awarded to Marjorie Ellicott for herd knowledge and information of her stock without referring to paperwork.  A visit to the winning herd was held on Sunday 13th November, when 30 members and friends enjoyed an interesting afternoon seeing good cattle, followed by a very welcome tea as it was rather cold. Thanks to Rob, Pam, John and his family for their hospitality.